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AutorSpencer Ogden
Posting date: 08/Mar/2018
AutorSpencer Ogden

"I am proud to be Spencer Ogden's first ever employee and sole female on the board of directors.


I joined Spencer Ogden knowing that I was about to help create something special. Spencer Ogden has enabled me to capitalise on that original opportunity.


I am so pleased to work for a company who truly supports diversity and I am lucky enough now in my role to be able to influence that."



"I consider myself an Spencer Ogden Pioneer who joined the business in a one-man team in Singapore. Fast forward five years and we are now a team of nine (and still growing) covering all APAC offices.

Helping an infant company through its growth phase was tough but exceptionally rewarding. I find it exciting going to work each day not knowing what I could come up against and dealing with issues head on. I am constantly striving towards the betterment of the company with involvement on the commercial front while balancing all statutory compliance matters and maintaining a healthy cash collection."


"Working at Spencer Ogden has enabled me to carve out a career I'm honestly truly proud of. At 23 I relocated myself from London to Singapore to join the Singapore office, where I worked for two and a half years in several markets. I was fortunate enough to be mentored and taught by several strong females in Spencer Ogden's Asia hub, I then progressed my career to join our New York office, where I head up our Finance Team.

In New York, there is a huge initiative to empower women in the financial sector, several of our clients regularly make headlines for being the top women in hedge funds globally, or the most influential women in banking. Spencer Ogden has not only given me unparalleled support and training to get to where I am, but it's enabled me to mentor others in the business and develop leadership skills at the age of 27. My clients are always impressed by this fact, because unlike a lot of other businesses, Spencer Ogden is a true meritocracy, where you feel supported that if you work hard enough, you really could be the future CEO - watch out Brad! "




"Five years ago I graduated from Criminal Law and Finances and Banks in Eastern Europe, Republic of Moldova. My goal at that time was to become a Prosecutor one day. Right after graduation, I had a conversation with a friend that was working in the recruitment industry. His passion about the industry was so powerful that my curiosity won over all my goals. I wanted to give it a try, and I felt that I can be part of something big if I join this industry, so I did. Three great years of experience with an international recruitment company changed my job into my career.


Two years ago I moved to the US, I was curious again, and wanted to learn more about the American Dream everybody was talking about. All I wanted to do was get back to recruitment. With SO, my dream became reality. It was a big change for me, but the support and motivation I have received from my managers and my team made it so easy! In 2017 I was awarded the US Rookie of the Year. I'm proud to be part of Spencer Ogden and I look forward to building our legacy!"



"I joined Spencer Ogden as a graduate three years ago and my biggest achievement so far has been my promotion to team leader after two and a half years.


Spencer Ogden has opened up so many career opportunities for me by allowing me to become today’s team leader and tomorrow’s director."



"I joined Spencer Ogden as I wanted to progress in a company with a fantastic environment and culture and I wanted to progress quickly in a fast growing environment.  


Now as a manager my biggest highlight has been setting up a brand new team from scratch and it becoming a consistently performing team. My daily inspiration is to help others develop and follow in my footsteps. I want to encourage these same people to do what they thought they couldn't do - that's the most exciting part of my job!"



"A great moment for me in my career and also at SO is when I made the decision to move into Contracts & Compliance from Credit Control.  As someone who always found it difficult dealing with numbers, I'd planned initially to leave to pursue a different career, but was given the opportunity to completely change career (within SO) without having to start from the bottom rung of the ladder elsewhere and a dramatic pay cut. Makes a big difference when you are an experienced professional and living in London!  I'm grateful I was valued enough as an employee to take the punt.


I've since been promoted, trained a team member to high standard and gained a ton of new skills within a number of disciplines.  I believe I am to this day the only person who has moved from Finance to Operations within EMEA but it's been a life-changer for me and meant I got to stay in a company where my work was already respected.  Huge changes have happened over the last few years regarding company compliance (and hiring of an internal Legal team) and I feel I have been able to help with the processes.


When SO launched its Volunteer scheme, I immediately signed up to mentor a young woman in foster care (over a year now) and this is a great experience that has added a bit of drama to my personal life I wouldn't be without! "



"Six years ago, I was one of the first hires at Spencer Ogden APAC.  I started on the sales side, working my way up to team leader and eventually moved into the L&D team, where I have been for the past four years.  I have always been amazed at how quickly Spencer Ogden has grown in Asia Pacific. Through hard work and dedication of our staff, we have created a company to be proud of.


To say that I have been with SO since inception is incredible and a journey that I am so grateful to be a part of.


SO has been so flexible and welcoming since I came back to work after the birth of my first child. Spencer Ogden is a game changer; I am a mother working for an organisation that supports and encourages my development. I count myself a very lucky woman."



"My most memorable Spencer Ogden career moment to date is definitely being selected as the support person in EMEA to attend the annual conference this year.



I've been given the opportunity from day one to take complete ownership of my role and encouraged to develop and transform my function to become an indispensable service to the business.



Since joining Spencer Ogden, I've fully embraced the culture, nurtured relationships and broadened my knowledge in all areas, in order to become that 'go to person' and I think these have been key factors in gaining recognition from the board to be chosen for this privilege after just 2 years in the business.



It feels great to know that my hard work doesn't go unnoticed and as a direct result of this I’ve been given a high profile project to lead on this year. I’m really excited about taking this and my career to the next level."


"I was a classic burnout case. I joined Spencer Ogden after 10 years in sales where I’d lost enthusiasm as a sales director.


Spencer Ogden tailored the APAC Operational role that I am in today to match what I bought to the table and support the direction I wanted to go in.


I’ve spent the last three years in this position and been given every opportunity to spearhead, learn and develop both myself and evolve parts of the business. The on-going agility of this company and the continual support that has been provided given to myself and others regardless of gender makes it a place I would find difficult to leave."




"My recruitment agency career spans the better part of nine years and the majority of that time was spent in administrative staffing for the Fashion, Retail and Creative industries in New York City. Before coming to Spencer Ogden in June 2016, my most notable success was partnering with the Owner and Executive Team at a Creative Recruitment Agency to build a new division and net just under $1M NFI annually.

It was clear that the business was not committed to this division for the long term so I found the timing appropriate to move my life and my career to Denver; a move I'd considered making for several years before finally building up the confidence (and funds) to independently move across the country.



I was introduced to Lars Gloessner through a mutual NYC connection and he hired me on as a Senior Recruiter; two big steps back from my role at the time. I knew it was a risk but Lars sold me on his and Spencer Ogden's vision. Lars assured me that with the business goals and expectations, with time and my concerted efforts, any role I wanted was mine for the taking.



Starting a new career, in a new industry (and in a new city!) is no easy feat at 30. In making this kind of move in your career it’s expected you will have to reinvent yourself. While these last 18 months have proved to be the most trying in my career, they’ve been by far the most rewarding.



During my time to date with Spencer Ogden I have officially been promoted twice, most recently to Associate Manager for Denver Perm; an 8 person team.



I am proud of my professional developments I have made here but I am just as proud of how Spencer Ogden has continued to empower me. Lars and Henry keep challenging me to strive for more in my own career and in planning for our future leaders’ growth."



"In the Mannheim office, I feel that there is no difference between women and men. I've heard that in other companies women are required to follow a strict dress code and must wear a special scarf which I know wouldn't enjoy. At SO, I have the freedom in my choice of professional clothing.


I really think that opportunities at SO are equal for everyone and I feel respected every day."



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